Ear Infection Treatments by Dr. David Greene Arizona Orthopedic

Ear infection is a common problem among both children and adults but children are prone to infection because of their smaller Eustachian tubes which easily get blocked and drainage of fluid outside the ear get blocked which causes infection. Most recommended and effective treatments for ear infection are the following:

Antibiotics: With more than 26 years of experience as an ENT specialist, Dr. David Greene Arizona has treated countless patients with ear infection. As per the statement from Dr. Greene, antibiotics have been the perfect choice for treating ear infection. Antibiotics are built to kill bacteria in the body and for bacterial infection, it responds very well.

Yes, but if the infection is caused by a virus then antibiotics won't work. It completely depends upon the diagnosis if you are the candidate for antibiotics or not.

Do not use antibiotics or such medicines without the consultation with an expert because along with the benefits, Antibiotics also have negative effects as it can kill good bacteria along with the bad and later it can cause immune problems.

Ear Tube Surgery:

When your kid has an ear infection from 4-6 months and has been suffering from hearing loss from 3-4 months and antibiotics don't work to cure the infection, ear tubes is the best treatment that an ENT specialist would advise for.

Ear tube is a device which will be inserted into an ear through surgery by an ENT specialist. David Greene Orthopedic has told this completely safe as he has already used it for his several patients and it works marvelously.

The ear tube is small as a grain of rice which works to create ventilation into the ear and make way for fluid to come out of an ear. For insertion of an ear tube, ENT specialist will make a cut into ear drum with a small knife and will then place eartube into the hole.

Generally, eartube fall out from ear on its own within a time period of 6 months to one ear but sometimes they don't and then ENT will remove through surgery. 


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